Fill in the nutritional gaps
in your diet with HUMAC® Nativ

Humic acids contain more than 70 minerals and are able to bind and break down heavy metals and organic toxins from the body supporting the proper functioning of the immune system

Fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet with HUMAC® Nativ


Humic acids contain more than 70 minerals and are able to bind and break down heavy metals and organic toxins from the body, supporting the proper functioning of the immune system


Our products are characterized by 100% natural origin
without chemical treatment and addition of additives.

"HUMAC® Nativ products were developed to maintain and strengthen your health"

Nutritional supplements WITH PERUVIAN HERBS

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The herbs Graviola and Maca in our products come directly from Peru, from the Cajamarca area. They are grown and processed by traditional methods, thanks to which they maintain high quality.


Graviola helps the immune system, promotes vitality and has a positive effect on the whole human body

Maca is used to improve mental health, vitality, and endurance. Maca is also great for promoting physical health - it helps fertility in both women and men.


Nutritional supplements applied in food


We have created smaller packages of our products for you and we have adjusted the prices of even the larger ones!


Our products with activated natural humic acids bring you a number of positive effects. They help mainly remove toxins and heavy metals, they contain almost all trace elements in chelated form, which are therefore easy for the body to use. They support the proper functioning of the immune system and help in the overall protection of health.

For best results, the correct dosage of 4 capsules per day is required. We recommend increasing the dose gradually at the beginning of use. You can read more detailed information about dosing in our blog "How to take our HUMAC ® Nativ capsules" .

Despite the fact that our products have been on the market since the end of last year, their development took more than 15 years and several volunteers participated in their testing. You can read their opinions on our products on the "References" page and you will find their "Real Stories" in the blog , which we are gradually adding to.

You can also find the latest information, interesting facts and news from the world of HUMAC ® Nativ and humic acids on our Facebook page @HUMAC_Nativ .


Who can benefit
the most?

Whether you live in a polluted environment, work in heavy operations, want to become an active athlete or have enough energy at an advanced age,
the humic acids in our organic nutritional supplements will help you directly stimulate your body's immune system.

Individuals living in a polluted environment

Employees in hazardous operations 

Benefits for children

Benefits for the elderly

Benefits for athletes

On the doctor's recommendation

The riches of the earth, with which we are bound forever


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