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Benefits for children


Children are exposed to the same toxic substances from the environment and food as adults, but their effect on the child's body can be much more severe, especially due to higher concentrations due to children’s smaller size.

Children are most often exposed to toxic substances in their environment, such as nicotine in the air or various toxins in food (heavy metals, mycotoxins or drug residues, etc.). Negative effects can be much more acute. Heavy metals and some organic substances can cause eczema. Mycotoxins and airborne substances (such as nicotine) can cause allergies and respiratory problems (asthma, etc.).

It is very difficult to remove these dangerous substances from the environment, but humic acids can help remove toxins from children’s bodies. Due to their complex chemical structure, humic acids are able to bind these toxins tightly and help eliminate them from the body.

Who else can benefit the most?

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