Since its founding in 2004, HUMAC s.r.o. has been manufacturing eco-friendly products which maintain the fragile balance between soil, plants, animals and humans. Over the last 16 years, the company's team has been working on humic-rich products for human consumption. The aim was to take advantage of the research-proven health benefits of humic acids and help people improve their well-being.

All products are 100% natural and contain top-notch humic substances obtained from Leonardite. Our product portfolio includes soil conditioners, veterinary preparations, animal feed materials, special products reducing emissions in animal production and products reducing environmental pollution (heavy metals and toxins). HUMAC® Nativ nutritional supplements for human consumption stand on many years of experience, meticulous research and real results.

Ing. Gejza Szanyi, Executive Manager


Our team

Mgr. Judita Smajdová
Head of the Nativ Department


Miriam Podracká
Production manager of the Nativ Department

RNDr. Michal Procházka, PhD.
Consultant of the Nativ Department


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