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How to use our HUMAC® Nativ products

We recommend using our products regularly, all year round, mainly because of their positive effect on the whole organism. Well, if you are just starting out with our products, we recommend increasing the dose gradually. You can find more precise instructions in this blog.

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My HUMAC story

I thought I would share my story, because I think this product deserves some mention. I’ve been on and off various medicines and nothing brought me closer to healing the wounds until I started taking HUMAC regularly. I am sure that if it would not be for the help of my doctors and nurses, the medicines, diet adjustment and especially the support of my family, HUMAC alone would not save my foot, but I am convinced that without HUMAC, I would still be in the same predicament or worse.

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The story behind HUMAC Nativ

“The Lord created a great substance which he hid deep in the soil to give humanity the chance to heal and survive as it produces many toxic substances. Some of these substances cause serious life-threatening diseases and slow death.“

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