Juraj Š. | 19.10.2021

My daughter overcame Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 6. After two and a half years, her illness returned. We knew the process all too well – problems with liver and kidneys, poor mental health. My daughter was taking HUMAC® Nativ twice a day for almost the entire treatment. After the second round of treatment, I noticed that her liver and kidneys showed no signs of damage, and test showed ideal values for almost the entire treatment period (24 months). Mineral profile ok. We managed to pull through the second round thanks to HUMAC® Nativ.

Ivana L. | 13.10.2021

I have a great experience with HUMAC® Nativ. For more than 3 years, I had been suffering from a skin problem that did not want to go away (it got even worse). Ointments and corticoids prescribed by dermatologist worked only for a short time and the problem returned. I was so desperate at that point. Fortunately, I came across HUMAC® Nativ. It has become an integral part of my life. Skin problems are a way your body tells you there is something wrong inside. My skin problem improved after 2 months of daily use of HUMAC® Nativ. I recommend this supplement to anyone who suffers from skin or digestive problems or is looking for a natural way to detox.

Erika B. | 29.9.2021

I have diabetes and for more than 7 years I have suffered with open wounds on my legs. Then I started taking HUMAC® Nativ and within about two years my wounds had healed so much that I could shower normally again and I could even go swimming. More in blog "My HUMAC story".

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